Smart. Simple. eXODAFit

eXODAFit is the free weight loss app for your nutrition. You can easily keep track. The special thing - all without registration and login. We do not collect your data. You just need your personal link, which you can create by clicking here. You only need an account to track food. For the food AI check, you don't need an account.

Is the usage really free?

Yes, the usage is truly free. The only catch is a bit of advertising that will be displayed.

Losing Weight and Tracking Food

In the world of healthy weight loss, numerous factors play a crucial role. From counting calories and keeping a nutrition diary to considering macronutrients – all essential aspects on the path to a balanced lifestyle. The nutrition diary, often digital in the form of weight loss apps, allows you to keep track of your daily calorie intake. This app not only provides a BMI calculator to determine the ideal weight but also offers useful weight loss tips and healthy recipes for losing weight. A popular method that has gained importance in recent years is intermittent fasting. This strategy of periodic fasting promises not only weight loss but also other health benefits. In the implementation of diet plans, especially the low-carb diet, the accurate measurement of food portions with a food scale plays a crucial role. Healthy habits based on tracking food not only support weight loss but also promote understanding of one's eating habits. From calorie counting to intermittent fasting – these keywords reflect the diversity of approaches that people can take on their journey to a healthy weight.